The Safest Headless Drupal 8 with Elm

Drupal 8 with Elm


The Safest Headless Drupal 8 with Elm

After several years with Elm in production, I can full heartedly say that Elm's tagline "A delightful language for reliable webapps", is correct.


Elm is a language that compiles to JS, and has no run time exceptions.

It's like Vue, React or Angular2, only completely different.


If you are an avid user of the aforementioned libraries, this session is for you.

Maybe it will affirm your decision to stick to those libraries, or maybe you'll get to see a different way of approaching front end development.

An approach that has a friendly compiler helping you with an opinionated architecture.

An approach that, for me at least, made front end more reliable and more predictable than the backend.


Elm, as our front end tool, helps us deliver some really interesting projects such as a medical records webapp for

an NGO operating in Rwanda;

a graphic webapp for allowing teachers to run an online interactive classroom;

a webapp for selling in auction millions of dollars worth of items.


No Elm knowledge is needed - I plan to explain Elm basics and how to integrate with with Headless/ Hybrid Drupal.

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