A node.js proxy between Drupal and your consumers


A node.js proxy between Drupal and your consumers

From DrupalCon Minneapolis 2020 https://events.drupal.org/minneapolis2020


If you are building a digital experience that includes a JS website you will need to have a node.js server for SSR purposes. In this talk we'll learn how to leverage that infrastructure to add a node.js proxy server between Drupal and all of your consumers. Most importantly we'll discuss how we can collaborate on this node.js starter kit that can be used in most of your decoupled projects.

Learning objectives are:

  • How different teams (domains) on your organization (or client) can benefit from a decoupled application.
  • How to orchestrate multiple decoupled Drupal install in a single application.
  • How to aggregate and integrate disparate data sources in your application.
  • How to design your application to minimize risks and improve performance.

Target Audience

This talk if focused at digital architects and back-end developers working on non-trivial projects, specially if they have to deal with complex organizational structures in their project.


To benefit most from this session, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of decoupled Drupal. Ideally, you already have experience deploying a decoupled Drupal project to production.

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